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We understand that beginning therapy can be anxiety-provoking

At MBS Therapeutics, PLLC, we take a holistic approach to healing and growth. Whether we include discussion of the holistic dimension such as Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Healing, or even Yoga during our time together will be up to you. Our treatment sessions are person-centered and attentive to you, the individual, the couple, or the family as a unit. We will work together to complete your therapeutic counseling needs. The focused approach will be on you using a combination of approved therapies. We are committed to integrating an empathetic style with compatible psychological perspectives. 

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of individuals and families by compassionately serving their mental health needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver outstanding clinical care in a culturally competent, holistic, and wellness-focused setting that promotes social-emotional development to meet each client’s individual needs.

Core Values

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We’re committed to building a community where all are welcome to gain support in living healthier and healed lifestyles.


We’re committed to providing psychoeducation to bring awareness to your life and, in turn, positively impact your life and the community you interact with.


We’re your healing tour guide, and you will receive guidance along your journey; we will be here to support your best version of self.

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We’re committed to helping you find the best version of yourself through education, counseling, and holistic approaches. We want you to remember to embrace Mind, Body, and Soul!

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